Marina Heights/Tempe Town Lake Overview

Key Notes-LAI Phoenix Chapter & REIAC Joint Presentation

John Graham, Sunbelt Holdings and Dr. Morgan Olsen, Arizona State University

How does the largest single tenant office project in the history of the great State of Arizona get done?

According to John Graham, the President and CEO of Sunbelt Holdings, its germination started in a Starbucks while he was buying his usual morning Cup of Joe. On November 15, 2013 over breakfast, John Graham and Dr. Morgan Olsen jointly presented the details for both the Marina Heights office project as well as ASU’s expansion of its sporting facilities “District” at the Phoenix Country Club. The presentation, made to a packed room of over 100 attendees, was itself a joint venture program of the LAI Phoenix Chapter and REIAC communities.

John Graham kicked off the presentation by detailing how his morning Starbucks ritual finally paid off big. Mr. Graham, a cautious yet visionary Stanford grad, is a belt and suspenders type of guy. He came prepared with a super high-tech PowerPoint presentation, but brought a large story board with mounted project exhibits “just in case” his technology failed him. Mr. Graham articulated some of the major highlights that are related to the project such as its history, timeline, financial structure, as well as design concepts.

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